This section explains the terms I’ve used in my stories.


The Amazon Peacekeepers was an army of women, of mostly Immes, Pelldari and Shenti origins, who kept the peace wherever they were sent. Their success came from their development of the shot shield.  It was form fitting body armor that could deflect any missile, any object at all, and return it to its source.

Their popularity with the masses was due to the fact they never harmed anyone. Any fatalities or injuries occurred against the ones who fired on the Peacekeepers.

Their training was vigorous. Many girls were injured and maimed, some died before learning how to move their body to deflect. Many thought Queen MariVI the embodiment of grace and skill when she deflected with her head and arms and body, obliterating any who sought to disrupt the peace by throwing bombs and missiles. She maintained an Amazon had to strengthen her precognitive abilities so as to better anticipate an attack.


It came to pass that one of the planets was special, because when it was formed it was formed with the love of life into every particle of its matter. On this particular planet, all life knew an urge to grow, and to grow joyfully and abundantly, uncontrolled and amuck, as it were.

It was here that the Da TamPanni set up the sanctuary, a place for all beings of the universe could come for shelter, refuge and healing. He placed this sanctuary in an area he called Breen, on land that would become islands and ocean, on The Amelia, also known as the planet Earth.


Formed by the Pelldari with the Da TamPanni’s blessings. As the name implies, animals are rescued, and placed safely on other planets.


Bureau Endorsing Anticipated Testimony.’s are those who work in B.E.A.T. for Sector One.


An area covering Northwestern Britain, Northern Wales, Southwestern Scotland, the Irish Sea and Ireland. Most of this area is invisible to the normal, ungifted, human eye.

Breen serves as home to The Da TamPanni.

Breen is also a refuge for endangered animals, a place of safety for those seeking asylum, and confinement for those who can’t be trusted outside of Breen’s borders.

The current human family that claim the lands of Breen, that area visible to human eyes, are the FitzHugh’s. Those lands are in Northwestern England.


Organized to ensure normal humans remain ignorant, and unharmed, by those with the Wild Blood.

Council members also befriend those humans with Wild Blood, taking the time to train them in how to use their gifts.


A major in the United States Air Force, he was shot down during a friendly fire accident in 1968 during the Viet Nam war, losing both his legs.

The Pelldar took him up in 1970, helped him to grow back his legs, and he now works for Animal Control. Edward likes traveling back and forth through time, especially meeting and visiting with his ancestors.

Edward also likes to appear to those he blames for the attack on his life. Since he’s learned how not to age, he enjoys freaking out the spooks he holds responsible. They try to catch him, but Cousin Edward has no intention of being caught and interrogated.


In the beginning, when all the souls that ever would be burst into the void and began seeking knowledge of The Plan, the Da TamPanni was first in their midst. He began as a star sweeper, deriving great pleasure in sweeping the debris of the Great Opening and forming belching balls of gas, brilliant, giant stars. All this with just his thoughts, mind you.

Creator was pleased by Da TamPanni’s diligence, delighted as the Da formed a star and then surrounded it with fifteen plants, each one different from the others, for this showed Creator that Da TamPanni understood The Plan. As a reward for his fantastic brilliance, the Da TamPanni was given governance over this star and it’s planets, and all that might evolve upon them.

It was on Breen that the Da TamPanni set up the sanctuary, a place for all beings of the universe who could come for shelter, refuge and healing. Since Breen also served as a portal, a door through time, its existence was to be kept secret and protected.

The Da TamPanni preferred to let mortals interact with other mortals whilst he dealt with his other worlds and his other-worldly visitors. He began the practice of selecting amongst the Wild Blooded mortals to form a family, and placing them in charge of Breen.

With that honor came the understanding that this family would guard Breen, keep the peace within and allow none to enter. Nor was talk about Breen allowed lest that encourage the curious and greedy. He placed no restraints on how the family maintained control of Breen’s borders.

The consequences for disobedience well well known…death or banishment. However, people being what they are, there were times a dynasty failed, and a new dynasty was established.

The Da TamPanni is not a god. Woe to the one who places the name TamPanni and God in the same sentence. He will, however, allow himself to be called an angel.


The Dennene are everywhere on The Amelia. Although given their own dimension to call their own, they slip into ours regularly. Wild, untamed spaces attract them, or areas gone to weedy growth. They come into our dimension to enjoy the chlorophyll. They get off on it.

You know when you come upon them, for although they remain unseen, you’ll sense a cold, unemotional presence. If that happens, it means they’re cautioning you to go away or stop digging, or pulling a particular weed. The Dennene don’t know weeds. All growth is precious to them.If you explain aloud what you’re doing, transplanting something to another area, or pulling up this so you can plant flowers, they might assist you.

On the other hand, they might warn you to leave well enough alone. If you ignore their warning, then generally whatever you attempted won’t work. They knew that ahead of time and warned you. You didn’t listen. Apologize immediately.

Some people have had success with the Dennene by keeping up a continual stream of conversation whilst gardening. By explaining what you hope to accomplish, you would be amazed by the assistance they give. Or you might drive them away with your incessant chatter.

Generally tall and fair, they have pointed ears and show themselves as a white or shiny human-like form. When sighted by humans, they are sometimes called Fae, or Faery, ghost or angel.

Dennene generally don’t like anyone but other Dennene, which is why they have their own dimension to live in. They don’t have emotions like humans. Long ago when they battled the Nosrum, ridding themselves of emotion is what saved them as a race.  They don’t understand deep emotion, but it intrigues them, sometimes disgusts them. Yet some are attracted to us because of our emotions; perhaps their racial memory remembers and misses emotion.

Beauty attracts them. Beauty of face, form or voice. A Dennene, male or female, will follow a particularly beautiful person, sometimes for years, and may even try to persuade that person to follow them back to their dimension.

The Dennene believe they found the Shadow. All are proficient at using either the large or small Shadow.

The Dennene deny the Fae are related to them.

At this point in time, their ability to vanquish Nosrum is their claim to fame. Their abilities may include entering minds, creating illusions, and altering local weather. They can have exceptionally long lives.


Members of the Patrol are an exception to the normal Dennene. Formed by the Da TamPanni, the Patrol is composed of Dennene whose minds are just a little more open to other creatures outside their dimension…Dennene who have compassion. A small sliver of compassion, but it’s there. Again, a hint of what had been before their battles with the Nosrum.

There is always a group of riders out searching for Nosrum. They will not always go out of their way to help humans, but may help someone if they have the blood of Dennene flowing in their veins.


Dromo the Magnificent has been much maligned, due to the fact that after accepting the assignment that brought him millions of years into the past, he destroyed three planets and lost another three. Once he realized he was about to destroy three inhabited worlds, he transferred as many life forms as he could onto The Amelia.

By remaining to rescue the doomed, Dromo lost his arms and legs. Being part Pelldari, he self healed, but later, after watching the Wizard of Oz, decided he liked the look of steel arms and legs, substituting steel for tin.

It is whispered that since the Da didn’t destroy Dromo for his actions, merely forbid him entry to The Amelia, that Dromo must be one of the Da’s children.

Dromo sneaked onto The Amelia whenever he could. He liked London, particularly 1970’s London, where he could wander with his steel arms and legs, and no one gave him a second glance. It was there he met Spoe.

The Da interceded for Dromo eons later, when he was brought to trial for the destruction of one million Antilier egg cases. Dromo maintained he was set up. The Da may have believed him, for again, he wasn’t destroyed. Instead, the Da TamPanni sentenced Dromo to an indeterminable number of centuries of habitation on The Amelia, but in animal form, to learn a lesson.


The Fae, faery, or fairy evolved early on The Amelia. Although they are distantly related to the Dennene, they deny any association.


Beginning with Richard in 1136, the FitzHugh’s have remained as the guardian family at Breen.

Their traditional enemy were the Spode’s.


Those humans who have the Wild Blood, and can access their gifts, whatever they may be.


No longer a derogatory term. It means one half of one kind, and one half of another, but with no human blood.


Ancestors of the Amazons. Talented and inventive. Discovered the art of using colored crystals to decorate the human body. To the normal human eye, it appears to be body painting or tattooing. Those with Wild Blood can see the story written in crystal, recognize blood relatives and identify their life-long mate.


A small, but very useful dragon. She lives in Breen.


Where the Nosrum originated is a mystery. Some say from the silent sector of the universe, because they destroyed all life there and now hunt in our sector. They seek to destroy.

They have no visible form of their own, but slip into bodies from whatever planet they happen to inhabit, like a type of possession. They feed off fear. The greater the fear they create, the stronger they become.

When reading about someone accused of murder, much to the shock of all who knew the accused, it is a given that Nosrum has used that person. Even animals will be used, because unprovoked animal attacks produce large amounts of fear.

Killing a person or animal hosting a Nosrum will not kill the Nosrum. The Nosrum slips away to the next host, usually the one who has just murdered his host. Angry people, battles, riots attract Nosrum. So do important people like royalty, politicians, and church officials.

The Dennene hunt the Nosrum. It is said that because the Dennene long ago fled the Nosrum instead of fighting them, they will never have another home of their own until all Nosrum are extinguished. When they find a creature possessed, three or more Dennene corner it, tie it down, and stare until the Nosrum is forced from the body.

Some believe Nosrum is a fungus, floating through space until it settles on a planet.


From the planet Olympia in the Pelldari star system. When their planet was destroyed, The Da TamPanni offered them a home on The Amelia. Due to their constant interfering in human affairs, they were sent to Breen to live.

Their abilities indeed seem god-like to humans, but the Olympians had developed their abilities in order to survive on their dangerous, inhospitable world. Not much need of their gifts on The Amelia, and they quickly grew bored. Most now sleep at Breen, awakening every so often to see what they can get into.

An Olympian can alter matter in seconds. They are larger than humans, no more or less attractive or ugly, but with their actions and attitudes generally more immature.


Rocks, of varying sizes, that help guard Breen. Some debate whether they are sentient or not. Great controversy within Breen about who actually brought the Pearlines to the Amelia.


From planet Pelldar in the Pelldari star system. Although Pelldar remains intact, The Amelia draws the Pelldari to visit, as well as to borrow humans that interest them. They have always been on this planet.

The Pelldari are known for their healing, having perfected mind to cell treatment. Since they are capable of extending and restoring the life of any cell in the body, they have the means to extend life forever.

The Amelia has fascinated the Pelldari since it was first discovered. Their love for this tiny, yet lush wild world, lead them to rescue many species that are now extinct. It was the Pelldari who began Animal Control.

Pelldari blend in wherever they go. They can heal, read minds, and project their thoughts.


The last free Queen of the Amazons, Koozie defied Sector One concerning their decision to use her peacekeepers for purposes other than peace.

Resisting arrest, she escaped with ten thousand of her personal guard and one Northman. Since she felt obligated to return the Northman to his home from where he’d been taken, she decided that this planet was as good as any to hide her guard. Dropping off the women five hundred at a time, throughout the centuries, wherever they took a fancy, Koozie counted on the fact The Da TamPanni was as tight-assed as everyone asserted him to be, and wouldn’t allow Sector One to invade and capture her peace warriors.

Her plan to return and form a resistance against Sector One was foiled when the Da took her to task about the invasion of ten thousand alien women. He may have let her go if she hadn’t complained her warriors were without their shot shields since she’d shucked them, ten thousand shot shields, in some large and deep body of water.

Koozie joined Dromo in his animal adventures, ostensibly to learn some lesson.


Initially formed  to address grievences, once men began to take on the bulk of work it somehow evolved into a huge, complex governing body that took itself very seriously.

Seeing an opportunity to expand its influence with the help of the invincible Amazon Peacekeepers, the First Director tried to force Queen MariVI to cooperate. His successor ordered her arrest for treason.

Sector One is now concentrating on finding a new Queen who will listen to reason.


The Large Shadow serves as a short cut through the universe. Unfortunately, since its discovery, many unfriendly entities have used the Large Shadow as a place to hide, making it a sometimes dangerous place to be.

Terialis has taken on the task to help and guard those who inadvertently enter inside.

The Small Shadow is used for Shadow Blending. Like pulling a piece of blanket over you to hide.



Wild Shenti prefer to remain in animal form, and have little use for non-Shenti.

Civilized Shenti shift when they desire to do so. They are as comfortable in their human-like form as their chosen animal form.

Usually larger than most humans, they are also stronger, more agile, and faster.

Some claim all the races of beings descended from Shenti.


Spoe and his family were banished from Breen after he repeatedly used the door to past and future to venture to twentieth century London. There he met Dromo the Magnificent, and a friendship formed, although Spoe had no idea of the infamous identity of the man with the steel arms and legs.


The Spode’s were the traditional enemy of the FitzHugh’s. Sir Eric of Amberle coined the word Spode in 1137 as a derogatory term for Baider, the son of Spoe.

The Spode continue to this day, although their enmity against the FitzHugh’s has mellowed in most branches of the family.


A Dennene who travels the Large Shadow, protecting the innocent.


Sunshine vampires are natural healers. Using their eyes to entrance, they then use their fangs to extract illness or poisons, or, inject healing mixtures into a body.

Sunshine vampires gave up their hunting and blood feasting when they had to accept sanctuary on The Amelia. They now eat regular food. They still have their fangs.

Blood vampires are rogue vampires, who have reverted back to blood feasting. Even though they don’t kill their victims, the Council must ferret out the rogue and destroy them, before humans become aware and panic ensues.

However, if Nosrum possesses a blood vampire, the next time that vampire bites, he will turn the victim into a Nosrum vampire. The Dennene are immediately called in to assist.

Vampires originated on one of the planets Dromo the Magnificent destroyed.


A human who has any mixture of Dennene, Shenti, Pelladri, that is, any extraterrestrial blood in their veins. Some humans with Wild Blood have no gifts at all, whilst some are very gifted. A human with Wild Blood who is gifted needs to be trained in their abilities, lest they begin to think they are loosing their mind.


Male version of Wood Nymphs. On The Amelia, they guard the boundaries of Breen. Can be quite fierce or very gentle.

They originated on one of the planets Dromo the Magnificent destroyed. They and Shenti share ancestry.


Wood nymphs love to sing, and can be found in most any wooded area. Only those gifted with Wild Blood can hear them. They share the emotions humans experience, but express them differently.

If you are in the forest and annoy a Wood Nymph, they will trip you, disorient you, and try to scare the crap out of you.

If a Wood Nymph likes you, they will spread the word about you. Some have the Shenti capability of shifting, and will change to a bird or human.