ONLY AND ALWAYS YOU first appeared in the SECOND TIME AROUND anthology.


Ten years ago, two heart were broken. Ten years later, as well as ten years older and wiser, can Lady Claire and Viscount Seton forgive one another? Or do they need a little help from friends?


Claire studied the programme and smiled when she saw Lady Emily, the earl of Spode’s sister, was scheduled to play. Oooh, she was going to play a selection from Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #14! She wished it was the entire—

The heat of his body hit her the instant his scent reached her nose. Claire turned to face Harry and called herself all kinds of fool when her stomach quivered at the sight of his smile.

“Good evening, Lady Claire.”

It was difficult not to return his smile, but she succeeded. “You’re sitting in my cousin’s chair.”

“Your cousin was happy to relinquish her chair to me. See, she’s smiling. I think she likes me.”

Claire looked where Harry pointed and saw Ellen smiling widely. No doubt her cousin thought she’d done Claire a good turn. She’d have to have a talk with Ellen.

“I like your feather,” Harry drawled.

Claire pinched her lips together, but it was no use. His expression made her laugh out loud.

“Ah, I made you laugh. Do you recall how we used to try and get the other to laugh first?

Claire nodded, still smiling. “Want to wear my feather?”

“It might clash with my clothes.”

“No, feathers work well with black. We could stick it down your cravat, behind you head.” When he shook his head she tapped him with her rolled up programme. “Imagine how regal you’d look each time you turned or inclined your head. A big, fluffy feather to accompany your every nod and command. You’d be known as Viscount Fluffy Head.”

His bark of laughter drew all eyes to them. She and Harry laughed until she had to wipe her eyes, and looked at Harry. His expression drained the levity from her.

“Claire, can we…?”

“Ah, the music is about to begin,” she said and whipped out her fan, keeping her eyes to the front.