A CHORUS SINGING LOVE first appeared in the LOVE UNDER THE MISTLETOE anthology.


Lady Melody Bruin knows Trevor Wilde, the Earl of Ardmoor, is the other half of her soul. Due to The Unfortunate Incident of the summer of 1807, Ardmoor wants nothing to do with her. When an invitation arrives for Melody to spend the Christmas Holiday with the Earl and Countess of Spode, Melody knows this is her last chance to win Ardmoor’s heart.


Ardmoor watched Melody and Hugh approach from the stable. Hugh looked to be arguing with her, and even from this distance Ardmoor could tell she’d put up a shield. Her ice shield. He arched his brows in surprise. So it wasn’t natural, but something she erected for protection.

Why the bloody hell was she shielding herself from Hugh? Obviously she’d angered her brother. Possibly threatened to shoot something of his off.

Ardmoor positioned himself so she’d see him upon entering. At first thinking to agitate her, he decided it would be more amusing to do nothing and see her reaction. He blinked when she sailed past with a curt nod in his direction. He stared after her, then became aware of Hugh’s agitation behind him. The man was pulling on his hair. Ardmoor caught some of the thoughts flying wide and grabbed Hugh, tugging him outside.

“She what?” Ardmoor exclaimed. Surely he’d misunderstood.

“She wants to work with the magistrates to apprehend murderers and thieves.”

“She can’t—”

“I told her that!  Then she encased herself and wouldn’t listen. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have made fun of her half of my soul drivel. It made her cry.”

“She cries?” Difficult to imagine her crying. “What do you mean, drivel? Sounds rather poetic. Not that I feel the same way she does, of course.”

Hugh paced. “Dore will…I don’t know what Dore will do. Melly says he has someone selected for her, which I believe is the reason she’s determined on this crazed plan of hers.”

“Dore always has a suitor lined up for her,” Ardmoor said. “She manages to repel them. Or so I’ve been told.”

“She thinks she can outsmart him,” Hugh continued. “She doesn’t realize how gifted he is, or how ruthless. Not to mention if others found out what she was doing…”

“Yes,” Ardmoor snapped. “Which is why this conversation goes no further. Surely the two of us can persuade her how dangerous this foolish idea of hers is.”

Hugh shook his head. “Lady Susan knows. Melly said she encouraged her.”

Ardmoor cursed. No doubt he’d have to gift the old bat another Andalusian to ensure her silence.