Merry Christmas Happy Christmas Happy Holidays

My website is back up! And I want to publicly thank Mandy Eve-Barnett, a writer friend of mine, for alerting me that my website was gone. If not for her… Well, I’m so very grateful she let me know. Maybe visit her website and check out the books she has to offer? Or wander off to Amazon to check her out? I think her site is

I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year. It can be a struggle to accomplish everything you have in mind to do, but I’ve come to the conclusion that just enjoying the spirit of this time of year is most important.

That said, I finished my wrapping yesterday. Never did get to writing out Christmas cards. Next year I’ll get it done. Pretty sure I will. No making Christmas cookie this year for me. My body doesn’t like sugar or gluten. Makes my finger joints ache. Not worth it.

I’m watching Miracle on 34th Street. Never gets old for me.

Looking forward to Sunday when two of my grandchildren visit with my daughter and her husband. They’re three and seven and I look forward to watching them open their presents and spending a little time with them.

Christmas Day should be fun around here. My other two grandchildren are thirteen.

If you’re looking for some Christmas themed books, I have a few. I’d be pleased if you checked out these short stories.

Yes, two different covers of the same book.  But hey, I also have other books if you’re in the mood for humor and the paranormal, historical and present day. If you’ve read my Gettis (Gettysburg) trilogy, you might enjoy Love’s Blood. That tells the tale of Britta when she was young and how she and Erik got together. Yes, it’s possible to travel through time…if you’re in the right place.

So, my best wishes to you all and have a wonderful holiday and very Happy New Year!

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