It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged…January 2107. But I knew since I finished my new book I should at least blog about my achievement…and make my goal.

I belong to the Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers group, and we meet in Mechanicsville, about an hour away from me, once a month for two hours. We sometimes have guest speakers, report about conferences we’ve attended, spread any news about publishers and agents. We laugh a lot, too. And we also set a monthly goal. My goal since June has been to blog about my new book. It’s the end of October. Well, one more day until the end of the month. But I finally made my monthly goal.

SERENITY: ACCEPTANCE AND LOVE IN GETTIS is Book number 3 in the Love In Gettis series. Read Gettysburg when you see Gettis. If you read Book number 1 you’ll find out why.

What’s it about? Book number three follows book number two which followed book number 1. Book number 3 may or may not be the final book of the series. As I have on the back page blurb:

It’s hard enough to find and then keep serenity in your life even when things are going well, because, really, how long does that serenity last? But when things go wrong…as in…

Your fiancee is furious by something you’ve confided, but won’t explain why he’s angry. Then things get worse when he turns into someone you no longer like.

Or when you realize the woman you’ve been dating is now different, but not in a good way, and you can’t remember why you and she even began dating.

Your young daughter believes you and her father will get back together again.

Or you learn your crazy sister is moving back home and now you, your husband and children need to move out much sooner than expected.

The big, wonderful surprise you’d planned for your honey blows up in your face.

Or when the people around you act as if they can hear animals talking to them…and they even answer them.

But a little acceptance of the strange and unexpected things that happen in our lives, as well as adding a lot of love, can lead you to serenity.

I do hope you enjoy my latest, and please let me know what you think.

Any idea what the house on the cover represents? Let me know.


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