Christmas Stories For Christmas

Need an idea for a Christmas gift? A stocking stuffer? Gift exchange? Yankee Auction?

I just happen to have four short Christmas stories. They are all e-readable, but if you’d like a paperback full of Christmas themed stories, my stories are also in paperback anthologies.


This will have to do as a Christmas Picture.

Then I found this. Remember Black and White Panda Beady Baby Thing?


So below are my four short Christmas stories. All are sweet Regencies. Humorous.



A sweet Regency short story. Either singly or in the anthology.


My story is in this anthology.


A short and sweet Regency romance.

Mind Your Fangs - 2x3

This is Lady Lydia. She has trouble with her fangs. She’s a Sunshine Vampire. She finds romance and Love at Christmas.


This is Lady Annette, Lady Lydia’s sister, and also a Sunshine Vampire. Teeth fascinate her. Despite that obsession, she does find love at Christmas.

Since I’m really, really P.O.’d with the changes made at WordPress, changes that seem counter-intuitive compared to the old way, and I am unable to do what I’d intended, that is to put the buy link that would take you to Amazon and other stores, I will settle for asking to visit the MY BOOKS pages that have the links. Sorry about that.

OH! Miss Loupie has not had to go to the vet, a good thing. She has lost weight and can now bend enough to clean her own butt. I never knew if she understood what I was doing when I cleaned her. She always gave a strange look.

I’m almost finished book #3 in the Love In Gettis series. I hope to have another Christmas short out next year with Grandpa Santa and Helen as the main characters. And Gettysburg. I haven’t gotten too far with anything else, ideas still whirling around in my head.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, merry and bright!

baby crow

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