Book Two in the LOVE IN GETTIS Series is now out. Actually it was out last month but with this and that, which I’ll get to later in this post, it’s taken me this long to actually get to my website and blog about this big news.

Book one is a time travel from past to present. Late 800’s South West Ireland to modern- day Gettysburg. Book number two is a present day story that takes place in and around Gettysburg. If you read the first book, ESCAPE TO GETTIS…AND LOVE, you realize the people who came through the portal always referred to the place of escape as Gettis.

Now that I think about it, Book One was a double time travel. Captain David Heacock went through a portal one night while walking the battle ground, and stepped into medieval Ireland and was captured by Danes. Oops. Once the portal opened, he gladly walked with his captors back to what he thought was his time to the battle field in Gettysburg. Poor David.

If you’re read any of my stories, you know I like humor and the ridiculous. My tag line is “Stories with Humor…The Impossible…And Love.”

I also have the wild-blooded in my stories. If you want to know more about what that is, go to my Page devoted to my wild blooded world and read that, but a partial listing is also included in the front of my book.

Book Two is David and Laurel’s story. *Spoiler alert!* No, they don’t get together. Did you really think Laurel would fall for David? The man has some serious growing up to do before he’s ready for a relationship with a woman. Laurel accepts a date with someone, her first date in over six years, but that…  You’ll have to read the book to find out. Laurel begins to see auras and develops some other gifts as well. Maggie and Joren are in the story, but not as much as the first book since book one was their story. But they’re happy. So are Thora, Helen and Artur. Mr. Big Boss intrudes, or tries to. Some new characters and some old characters weave their way through the story.

Koozie, Dromo and Port do what they do, and try to get their charges to hear them. They succeed with two people in this book. When they see who come through the portal, they’re very excited, yet can foresee some serious problems arising because of this.

I also have a Cast of Characters for this book. I also had a Cast of Characters done for Book One as well, but I believe it’s just for the eBook.

There may be some curse words, but nothing horrid as I’m aware teens read my work. My dog has heard worse. No sex. Sorry about that, but it hasn’t been needed.

So if you do read my books, please write a review, and if you just can’t do that, go to GoodReads and leave a star review. I do that until I can get back and write a review. Thank you!

Now… This and That:

I had eight inches cut off my hair. Long hair is great in the summer because you can just put it up off your neck and thus keep cool. Also, it took forever to style, not that I styled it that often. So I’m back to what I call page-boy style. Easy peasy.

* * *

I had to put Miss Sophie down a few months ago. It happened when it seemed like everyone on FaceBook had put a pet down that week. Weird. Miss Sophie was the sweetest and most intelligent of the cats here. She got something wrapped around her tongue, a string, ribbon, or floss, and we thought that was taken care of, but about two weeks later I had to take her back to the vet and he shook his head, so I held her as she passed. She was only six.

Regarding cats in the house, we had a war going on not long ago. A disgusting pee war. Nothing was spared. Since none of the humans can speak cat, we had to listen to the vet who advised us to keep them separated and calm. Right. Five cats now in the house, four of them from the same litter and of those four, three are female and they hiss at each other for no apparent reason when they see each other. Then Miss Loupie developed a urinary tract problem, so another visit to the vet. Fluids, antibiotic shot and pills and try to keep her calm. She was always calm until I went to put a pill down her throat. She was fine for two weeks after the last pill and then the problem started coming back. Another trip to the vet. And a special diet just for her. Her cans of cat food cost about $2.00 per can, but she doesn’t really like it, so it’s not like she’s scarfing it all down at once. So Loupie can only eat the canned food for Urinary Tract problems, but Sally can eat regular cat food, but only canned. Nothing dry and crunchy in here because Loupie can’t have it.Which also means no more treats.

So my door to the rest of the house is always closed. The Great Pissing War between the cats has ended, which is a very good thing. Except Baxter, the lone male, a real sweetie, always tries to get in so he can eat their food. That’s all he wants, their food. He looks disgusted when he does get in and looks down and sees he can’t get to the food. The thing is, if they aren’t eating, I have to keep their food covered so the other cat doesn’t eat it. Sally always wants to eat Loupie’s food and Loupie wants to eat Sally’s food. I really don’t want to have to take Loupie back to the vets because of another UT infection.

* * *

My memory had been pretty bad lately, not sure why, so I can’t remember when everything started, but I do know it kept getting worse and nothing I did make it go away. Prescriptions were offered but I wanted to know why I hurt, why I couldn’t move my arms higher than 45 degrees. Then it got worse. I remember spending one Saturday on the sofa, trying not to move because everything hurt,  every joint in my body hurt, and watching Law & Order SVU all day. I finally got a six-day Prednisone pack and after the first day my pain was gone. My mind was cleat. It was wonderful! Then the pain started creeping back. Cutting to the chase, I was referred to a Rheumatologist and she ordered xrays, blood test, RX for inflammatory, 10mg of Prednisone, now cut to 5mg, and 50,000 units of V-D2 once a week. Tentative diagnosis was Polymyalgia Rheumatica which I believe it is since the Prednisone really helps with the creeping pain. Otherwise it could be Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus. So I see her this Monday and will see.

However, my minds blanks at times. I really, really hope it will get better. So if I seem a little goofy at times, well, I guess I am. But I do go blank at times, too. So please bear with me.

And read my books!

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2 Responses to DISCOVERY AND LOVE is out!

  1. Delynn Royer says:

    So sorry to hear about Miss Sophie. She was still so young, and our pets are part of our family. Congratulation, though, on your new book. I love the cover. 🙂 It puts me in mind of the “mists of time” and it also makes me want to visit Gettysburg again. I haven’t been there in years. (Are you enjoying your new, shorter ‘do’?)

  2. Gerri Bowen says:

    Thank you, Delynn. Miss Sophie was a sweetie. I love my new cover as well, as it brings in the mist that captain David walked through. I love Gettysburg as well. Only a half an hour to get there from my house and I love walking around the town. And visiting shops and buying things. As for the new ‘do’, yes I am. Once it’s dry, which doesn’t take long, I’m good to go. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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