A Book Signing!

I went to a book signing this past Saturday as one of nineteen authors. It was supposed to be twenty, but Julie Doherty was sick that morning.

The event was fun. The weather was not.

It was about 2,000 degrees below zero and the wind was blowing about 300MPH. It had snowed about an inch the night before, but the roads were mostly cleared by the time I drove away.

Except…it was very windy and as I traveled north the snow kept blowing over empty-but-for-snow fields and across the roads…a lot. So, you’re going 45 or 55 and then you see a thick patch of snow ahead, so the cars ahead of you slows down to 25 mph.

It took longer to get there than I thought, but I got there safely. A good thing.

It’s been a while since my last book signing, and I’d forgotten how heavy it is to carry books and all the paraphernalia authors bring with them. A small rolling suitcase will be used by me next time.

The event was in a nursery…the kind where plants, mulch and flowers are sold. They also sold many neat and cool things that called to me to buy them and take them home with me. Proud to say I resisted.


I was seated between authors Delynn Royer and Wade Kelly. Delynn is in my writing group, the CPRW, and we’ve been at retreat together, and Wade Kelly lives in Maryland. But I had met Wade about four years ago at Kid’s Fest, held at Codorus State Park where I had taken the grandtwins each morning for one week that summer. We both agreed we looked familiar, and Wade figured it out.

Surprisingly to us, there were a lot of people who braved the roads and wind and came through and looked at all the books, some asking questions, taking our cards, free gifts and occasionally buying books. We assumed the weather would keep everyone at home. But these people must have been book lovers, or else they were so bored they decided this would be something different to do on a Saturday.

Many of these people expressed their surprise that there were so many authors who were local or lived elsewhere in Pennsylvania. I know, right? Hopefully these kind people who bought our books will read them and return again next year for another Valentine’s book signing.

When you go to book signings, do you avoid looking at the author? Or do you enjoy chatting with the author? We really do realize that no one will be coming in and buying a copy of every book for sale. We really do. 😀

Oh, and it’s snowing again.


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10 Responses to A Book Signing!

  1. Angela says:

    If there isn’t a like, I chat with the author. If the line is long, it’s “hi,”and “thank you.” Your weather sounds like our Philadelphia weather. It stopped snowing a little while ago…Now, the shoveling begins. Stay warm and safe.

  2. Angela says:

    Oops, typo. I meant to say “if there isn’t a LINE.”

  3. I enjoy book signings – I do have a couple of rolling suitcases for the books & display items, saves the back and arms! Looks like a great event, Gerri and nice to see your lovely face smiling at the crowds. I talk to other authors after setting up and it is great to know new people.

  4. Delynn Royer says:

    That’s an awesome author photo, Gerri. 🙂 It was so fun to chat with you and the other authors and the readers who braved the freezing cold and wind to come out on Saturday. I hope we get to do it again next year!

  5. I really enjoy the way you write. “A Book Signing!” was my introduction to you. I’ve never been to a book signing but I would imagine it would be worth going to, especially a large one such as this was; great way to learn of new authors. I would be intrigued to read an author’s work more after we chatted and “clicked.” But that doesn’t mean I would be less inclined to read someone’s work if they were shy and spoke little. There’s so much to learn about people in person! Perhaps I will “book signing” to my list of things to do this year.

    I agree with Delynn: nice, warm photo.

    • Gerri Bowen says:

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your lovely comments, too! Book signings are fun although it is daunting for those who attend to see rows of authors sitting by their stacks of books and watching as you approach them. As I said, we know that no one is going to buy a copy of each book. Be nice, that that’s not going to happen. We’re just happy to see people show up. 🙂

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