Gerri Bowen: Dog Graduation, Smart Phones, and This and That

So long since my last post. A lot of stuff going on, but we all have that, don’t we?

My dog just graduated from Intermediate Dog Training class. She has on her cap. She didn’t have it on for very long, though.

Tawny's Graduation20140510_185837

Tawny’s Graduation


She grew to love going to the classes because it was held in a store where all the employees have access to dog treats. She quickly learned that is she sat and offered a paw, she’d get a treat from strangers. It was also a good way to socialize her.

The next best thing was Gracie. She was the other dog in the class, and just turned six months old. She was the sweetest puppy. Always, always wagging her tail and smiling. She and Tawny played whenever they could.


Tawny and Gracie

Tawny and Gracie








The bed was used as part of the training, as in, Go to the Bed and Stay!

Sometimes they did very well with that command. Tawny has learned some important commands that my other dogs never really understood. Maybe I’ve become a better instructor. I walk around with treats in my pocket so I can reward her when she listens.

The commands I appreciate Tawny learning are: Wait. Wait is such a great thing for dogs to know. Sit, stay. Leave it! Drop it! Come! Heel. All great commands. No more chasing her around the yard to get  whatever she found and is chewing.  No more of her gnawing on something she shouldn’t. I still chase her, but only so she can run, which she still loves to do.

Now, heel is where I kind of cheat. She wears a harness, not a collar, so she never chokes herself by pulling on her leash. The leash attaches to the harness has two handles, or two loops. One is at the end and the other is about twelve inches from where the leash connects to her harness. She more or less has to walk next to me when I hold the loop that is closest to her body. Works for me.

We will also go to the Advanced class, but I want to want until after the hot weather is over. That is assuming this summer will have those horribly hot and humid days where riding in a car isn’t fun, even with air conditioning.

mouth for doorI bought a new smart phone. I had one some years ago, loved it, but I was on a plan and I could not see paying almost $100.00 a month for use of the smart phone. Nice, but not worth it. I’m cheap that way. So when my current contract ended, I signed up with a plan that is just under $50.00 a month, no limit to talk, text, etc. So I bought a new phone. 🙂

Then I had to figure out the phone. I love my new phone, don’t get me wrong. It whistles at me, rings like a bicycle bell, and makes other fun noises. But it is so hard to figure out how to get to stuff. All the cell phones I’ve had in the past were kind of easy to operate. It was if a real person gave a great deal of thought to how to get to one place to another. Very intuitive. You kept pressing things until you knew where everything was.

Not this phone. Instructions don’t help either. I’m sure part of the problem is my age. I tend to understand what is written, and will re-read until I do understand, and am rather good at following instructions. Does not help with this phone. I guess I need to keep pushing some more buttons. 😀

snow ice treesAnother thing. What is happening with the The Weather Channel? If they’re trying to wreck it, they’re succeeding. There was only one The Weather Channel. I remember you could turn it on at any time and get the weather. Now it is a Morning Show in the morning. At night you have shows about trucks crashing, or prospecting, videos of past storms, or all sorts of stuff that loosely pertains to weather.

I have cable and can get seven morning shows if I want. I don’t watch morning shows because I don’t like them. I want to see what the weather will be. If I want news I will turn to one of the news channels. They used to have a little talk between the forecasters, and that was plenty. I remember when they used to show weather from around the world, but they stopped doing that years ago.

How about going back to weather all the time?  Want to do something besides repeating the weather? Then tell us where storms come from and where they go. Educate us. We can see that the storms are blowing in from the West coast, but where were they before that? Where did they originate and why? Where will these storms travel? Why do some storms travel across the Atlantic and some don’t? How about letting us know about what is going on in Europe? South America? Far East? Australia? Our neighbor Canada, for crying out loud.

And please, please you weather anchors, stop looking at the other and telling that person what the weather is. You both work there. Face us and tell us the weather, not your co-anchor. Thank you.

Well, I guess I just ranted. Felt good. Anyone else feel this way about the sometimes-we-have-weather channel?

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8 Responses to Gerri Bowen: Dog Graduation, Smart Phones, and This and That

  1. Tina Bausinger says:

    So. Adorable!

  2. Delynn Royer says:

    Congratulations to Tawny on her graduation. (They grow up so fast!) I wish I’d sent my pup to school. Took her for a walk today. I guess summer is in the air or something. She wanted to go one way, I wanted to go another. She too wears a harness and, at one point, actually tipped over onto her side in the grass rather than go my way. Good thing she only weighs 10 lbs. I picked her up. We had words… 🙂

    • Gerri Bowen says:

      You made me laugh, Delynn! Dogs are generally easy going creatures, but there are times when you can almost hear them saying, “No!No! Not that way. The smell is right here! This way!” They definitely know what they want. 🙂

  3. Gerri, you voice my sentiments exactly about The Weather Channel. Do you receive Weather Nation? We get that channel now, and it is weather. Period. I love it. We seldom watch TWC now because WN is no-nonsense, to the point weather.

    • Gerri Bowen says:

      I have never heard of Weather Nation. I’ll have to find out if that is available to me. Thanks for the tip, Cheryl. Good to know it isn’t just me nattering on about TWC. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Tawny! I hope Gerri gave you a diploma-shaped doggy treat..

    I gave up television four years ago. TWC was one of the reasons. It was aggravating to wait and wait for them to get to the weather in my area. Now I go to the US weather website. I used to love the History Channel and SciFi Channel until they started showing programs that didn’t fit. Wrestling on SciFi, and of course, Ice Truckers or Pawn Brokers on The History Channel. Give me a break! It finally drove me to pull the plug on television, and I have lived happily ever after. The money I saved buys me books or movies. On the other hand, now I’m addicted to social networking 🙂 Oh dear, I’ve evolved from a couch potato to a ticky-tacky-texting chair-pear.

    • Gerri Bowen says:

      I know what you mean about the downward evolution of some TV shows. 😦 Not watching does give me quiet time to write, so I guess that’s good. 🙂
      Tawny did not get a special treat for graduation, since she always gets treats. 🙂 Yeah, mean mommy.
      So I guess I catch you around social media sites, Ticky-Tacky-Texting Chair-Pear!

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