Christmas! And All Good Things

snow ice treesIt’s nearly Christmas. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope all your preparations are coming along nicely. Presents bought and wrapped. Dinner planned. Guests invited. Decorations for home and table looking beautiful.


I’m fortunate to live in a warm, comfortable home. I will be seeing family on Christmas day. We will enjoy  good food and much laughter. The children will get nice presents. So will our dogs and cats.

fruit pies

But please, do remember those less fortunate. They are all around us. Any little thing you can give is good, because it all ads up to something big. Toys for Tots, and The Salvation Army do good work. Some grocery stores have bins where you can donate can goods or toys. This is also a good time to go through your clothes and donate items you no longer wear, but are still in good shape. Coats for children as well as adults are always welcome.

reflected rose

This is also the time of year when Christmas stories are popular. Many to choose from. I don’t have anything new published this year, but if you haven’t read my older ones, give them a try. All about love, forgiveness and acceptance. With humor. All are “sweet”.

In order, because they follow from year to year: Joy’s Christmas Wishes; A Chorus Singing Love; Mind Your Fangs; A Wild-Blooded Christmas-With Fangs. Look on My Books page here on my blog.

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2 Responses to Christmas! And All Good Things

  1. A heart-warming message to all, Gerri. As Dickens reminds us in the Christmas Carol, celebrate with joy and love and share a little with the needy. Last night, I read half of his story aloud, tonight Hubby will read the other half, we do this as our own little Christmas tradition. The story heard with Dickens voice is better than any movie ever made of it. Also read your “Christmas past” post: “Joy’s Christmas Wshes”. Loved it, will read the others tonight. May you have the Merriest Christmas with your family and friends, Gerri.
    Blessings of life,

  2. Gerri Bowen says:

    Thank you, Susan. I hope your Christmas with family will be all that is good and wonderful!

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