Gerri Bowen-This and That: Book Sales, Back Surgery, Puppy and Ants

First, I had a pleasant shock when I received my royalty statement for January through March. Audrey’s Love was released February 3rd. From that date through March 31, 711 copies were sold! 🙂 Call me pleased. I wish I knew what I had done so I could continue this success. Reviews came quickly, and from strangers. I didn’t know how all these people heard about it. Not sure if it being a time-travel was part of that success or not. It was also a medieval romance.

eCoverFinalLG-AudreysLoveLove’s Blood was released June 4th, so I’m curious what the numbers will be for this one. No reviews up yet for Love’s Blood. As far as I know, none have been sold. I won’t know until the next royalty statement, April through June, which I won’t get until September. Love’s Blood is not a time travel; a romance, paranormal, shifting, wood nymphs and beings stuck in animal bodies type of story…but definitely not a time travel. It’s one of my favorites. I love my characters Koozie and Dromo. Koozie is a Raven and Dromo is a Cheetah in this book. They are in other stories I’m writing, and those I have planned, but will appear as other animals.

CoverFinalLG-LovesBloodSome of you already know this, but I’m having back surgery September 5th. Long overdue. I’m tired of some days spent hunched over and walking with a cane. Either in pain or in a stupor because of muscle relaxers and pain medicine. If you’ve noticed I’m not online as much as I was, it’s because I can’t sit at the computer for very long. Many emails and blog posts are unread because it hurts to sit and read. I haven’t been able to write, either. A big, nasty, bummer!

The worst part for me is forgetting not to do things, as in bending over or weeding, or picking something up, or moving furniture.

I happen to like to move furniture. Always have. My mother would come home from work and I’d have the furniture moved around in various parts of the house. This has continued throughout my life. My husband would come home and be amazed how I could move certain pieces from one level of the house to the other. He joked that I must have levitated them, because he couldn’t figure out how I’d moved sofas and bookcases by myself.

Alas, my moving furniture is at and end. For the most part. Those little pad things are great. However…

Ants. I had to deal with a sudden any infestation yesterday. This year is horrible for ants. Is is bad for you, too? I assume all the rain we’ve had has contributed to the problem. The thing is, I don’t leave crumbs around. I’ve had to deal with ants before, so I’ve learned to rinse dishes immediately, pick up and wipe up after animals and grand-twins. Not easy! Cats and dogs don’t see crumbs any better than the grand-twins. I don’t leave anything opened. So why did they come in? I assume it was the rain.

Unfortunately, their trail was under something. That something was a three shelf wooden unit, and had to be moved so the trail could be cleared. I moved it slowly. Logically, I know it shouldn’t matter, but I figure if I move something slowly rather than just jerking and pushing, but tug a bit, turn and ignore it, and then go back and tug some more, it won’t hurt my back. So I tugged/moved the shelf thing. Moved everything off the floor in the pantry and kitchen, and then cleaned the floor until no more ants were seen. I did not move the refrigerator. I was tempted, but I knew that was a definite no-no. Besides, no ants were seen creeping out from under there. Ants are still gone today.

Weeds. I was doing so well with weeding this year, and then my back went out. I think it’s the weeding that gets me, not the furniture moving. No matter how gently (yes, the if I pretend I’m only going to pull this one weed so it won’t hurt me ploy) or inattentive I pretend to be, those weeds just draw me in with their taunts. Look at me! Look how many inches I’ve grown overnight! Look! Now there are ten thousand of us!

I actually spent some time this morning trying to figure out a way to weed without using my back. My favorite position was lying down on my stomach, head to the side, and with a hand shovel, getting those weeds. Except it’s really wet and muddy. Nor could I figure out a way to move forward, backward or to the side without involving my back. So that’s out for now.

Puppy is doing well. Has finally figured out it is a Good Dog that pees and poos outside. Bad Dog pees and poos inside. She still won’t go out by herself. So every morning, between 4:30 and 6:30, we make the trip outside and walk until her business is concluded. I’ve tried putting her out by herself, but she waits on the porch for me to join her. When we are outside, she constantly looks to see if I’m still there. If she doesn’t see me she runs to my door. Then I waved my arms and call her name and once she sees me, comes running, so very happy she’s found me.

The cats don’t yet realize they have claws and could do serious damage to puppy’s nose. I’m waiting. Puppy is in for quite a surprise.

That’s it for now. I hope all is well with you!






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12 Responses to Gerri Bowen-This and That: Book Sales, Back Surgery, Puppy and Ants

  1. I know exactly what you mean about those weeds – my back injury was in the middle of April just when they began sprouting. I managed to tackle the weeding this past Sunday! Not all of the grass is gone as my back began to complain and I took note – I certainly do not want to be back to square one – no movement at all. Best wishes for your surgery and congratulations on the novel’s success. Well done. When you find the ‘secret’ selling ploy let us know.

    • Gerri Bowen says:

      Thank you, Mandy, Good to hear your back is better. Do you think it was caused by your weeding? As for the selling secret…I can’t remember what it was I did way back then. Who can say what works and what doesn’t? 🙂

  2. Oh, Gerri, I’m so sorry you’re having a crummy summer in pain. I know that feeling, but soon you’ll be up and around, feeling fit as a fiddle! Congrats on “Audrey’s Love”! You know, when “Love’s Blood” released, I was immediately drawn to it. I’ve been reading PB’s and MG’s in prep for a writing course at the end of the month, but you’ve reminded me to try to fit your story in. Sending good wishes your way on the success of both books and your healing. :0)

    • Gerri Bowen says:

      Thank you, Donna. So many people experience back pain. Something universally understood. Good luck and enjoy your writing course! I hope you can fit my story in. 🙂 What is PB’s and MG? Trying to figure that out, keep getting caught on a PBS and little green car loop. I know that is wrong. 🙂

  3. Super big congrats on your publishing (and puppy) successes, Gerri! I’m so sorry about your back. Wishing you the best with the surgery. Hang in there!

  4. Angela Adams says:

    Congratulations on the sales! Here’s to many, many more!

  5. Congratulations on the sales. That’s awesome!! Not so good on the back front, but hopefully an end is in sight for you. Hubby works in pest control and he takes care of any ants that come inside our house. They usually only come out after rain, so I suspect their nest gets flooded.

  6. Gerri Bowen says:

    Thank you, Shelley. The sales thing is an unexpected gift, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to getting the back thing over with and feeling normal again. As for the ants, so far so good they are gone. 🙂

  7. Gerri! congratulations on the success of “Audrey’s Love”. I’m happy to know that other people agree with me that it’s a fine story. And hiphiphooray for Puppy finally figuring things out!

  8. Gerri Bowen says:

    Thank you, Polly! So happy you liked it! Yes, I think puppy has it figured out, She now scatches at the floor by the door and whines. Sooooo happy about that. 🙂

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