Gerri Bowen and Love’s Blood

CoverFinalLG-LovesBloodI have a new book out, Love’s Blood. It is an historical, and a romance, with paranormal and fantasy elements. It also has a dragon. Briefly. There are shifters, but I call them Shenti. Also, two sapient animals. Well, three, but Koozie and Dromo are the main animals. Here is a brief blurb.

A wild-blooded Cymraes (Welsh woman) and an outcast Dane are aided by two sapient animals on a mission to protect their humans and ensure they join in fruitful matrimony.

A woman with inherited paranormal gifts begins a quest of protection for three girls. A cursed, outcast Dane welcomes the strange woman into his homestead.

She feels welcome and wanted for the first time in her life, but sees the evil behind the curse. She must hide her abilities, while fighting the evil.

So now you know why the cover has a raven and cheetah on it. The Cheetah is Dromo and the Raven is Koozie. The H/H, Britta and Erik, are the same height in the book, so they are the same height on the cover. And you can see the shape of a heart between them. Su from Earthly charms did the cover, and she did a wonderful job, as always.

Love’s Blood is also a sweet romance, much to my surprise. Once I finished, I went back to see where to put those sex scenes, but…it didn’t need them. They would have messed up the story so I let it go. There is a kiss. There must always be a kiss. 🙂

Undoubtedly I will blog more about this in the future, but for now, here you go!

I’ve decided to add an except. I hope you enjoy!

    “Dromo! Dromo is that you?” Koozie cried as she hopped on the roof. “I knew we’d
meet again. You’re still a spotted cat! How come I die so many times before you? We
have prisoners here, Dromo! Give the word and I’ll alert my troops for diversionary

    The cheetah looked up from his perch atop the horse he rode. “Koozie? You’re now a
raven? What happened to you?” He jumped to the ground.

    “Raven?” She squawked loudly. “I’m a huge bird of prey, I’m not a raven. We have
prisoners to release, Dromo. Who are you with?”

    Dromo sniffed the air before stepping to the door. He took a big sniff and turned to
look at the men on horses, and chirped. “Good work, Koozie. Erik’s children are in
here—they were taken.”

    Erik Asvedsson swung off his horse and looked around Aren’s village. He heard his
name called and turned. Aren, a trader like himself, was striding closer. “You sent word
my children are here?”

    “Yea. Hard to believe we parted just six days ago. I sent word as soon as I knew.
Believe me, Erik, I didn’t know they were here. I didn’t know…” Aren ran his hands
through his hair. “I’d no reason not to trust Mannen. He’d ne’er—”

    Erik’s stomach clenched. “Mannen? The son of Blacktooth? Mannen the Giant?”
Thor’s thunder! My curse is now going after my children!

    Aren nodded and wiped his hands on his braies, but avoided looking him in the eyes.

    “My children.” If my children have been harmed… “What did he do to them?”

    “Naught. I wasn’t here. I didn’t know. He’d ne’er done aught like that afore.”

    Erik spoke quietly. “What did he do?”

    “He went in and tried to take out your oldest girl.” Aren shook his head. “He—”

    Erik reached for his axe. Mannen will die, slowly and painfully. He looked around
the village. “Where is he?”

    “Dead.” Aren stepped back when Erik swung a heated gaze to him.

    “You killed him? You cheated me of my—”

    Aren held up his hands. “Nay, ‘twas a girl! My men found Mannen dead on the floor,
his neck broken.” Aren stepped back again, his eyes on Erik’s axe. “I swear!”

    Erik’s nostrils flared. “A girl. A girl killed Mannen the Giant. Breaking his neck, no
less.” Why would the man tell such a false tale?

    “She is the big girl I told you about. The reason I had to return so soon—you
remember I told you?”

    Erik grunted, and then the growling of the big cat caught his attention. Loki was
pawing at the door of a mean hut. His brow arched. “They are in there? My children are
locked in that hovel?”

    Aren ran to unbar the door Erik rapidly neared. “They wouldn’t leave. That girl, the
one that killed…she wouldn’t let us take them away. But I’ve had a guard set around so
that none…” His voice trailed off at Erik’s glare.

    Erik flung open the door and called to his children. He laughed his joy and a sudden
lightness and relief surged through him when Inga, Astrid and Thora barreled out and
into his arms, each claiming his attention with their excited voices amidst hugs and
kisses. He looked inside. “Lars! Come out, let me see you.”

    “Lars isn’t here,” Inga said. “He ran when he saw what was happening. He said he
would find you. Didn’t he find you?”

    Erik shook his head. Lars was missing? “Lars is no doubt safe.”

    Thora pulled on her father’s arm. “Britta protected us. Britta doesn’t know many
words but she’s learning. She sings to us.”

    Astrid snuggled closer. “Papa, can we take Britta with us?”

    Thora jumped up and down. “Can we, Papa? Britta has chains on her arms and legs!”

    Erik looked at Aren. “Who is this Britta? The giant killer?”

    Aren nodded. “She is the one I told you about. But I thought her name was Adyna.”

    “The man ne’er claimed her?”

    Aren shook his head. “Take her.” He looked up at the raven perched on the roof’s
edge watching them. “Take her and the crazy bird as well.”

    “Britta will come, too?” Inga asked.

    Erik’s shoulders eased when he saw his daughter looking no worse for her
experience. Obviously Mannen hadn’t done aught but scare everyone. And get himself
killed. He nodded at Inga.

    Inga ran back inside the hut, he assumed to get the giant killer.

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33 Responses to Gerri Bowen and Love’s Blood

  1. Yea for you, Gerri!! Beautiful cover………..congratulations!

  2. LOVE’S BLOOD looks truly enjoyable. I’m getting my copy tonight! I wish you great success with it. Congratulation’s, Gerri.

  3. Awesome excerpt, Gerri, and beautiful cover! Congratulations on the new release!

  4. Angelyn says:

    That cover is cool–congratulations, Gerri!

  5. Congratulations, Gerri!!! I tweeted.

  6. Like Ella. I tweeted!

  7. I really liked your very interesting excerpt. The idea of the animals going through different lives, recognizing each other, etc. Unique. And I’m looking forward to reading the book!! The Giant-Killer indeed LOL. Good luck with this new title.

  8. Amy Jarecki says:

    Lovely excerpt, Gerri! Congratulations on your release!!

  9. Angela says:

    As soon as I saw the cover, I said, “oh, it’s a Paranormal.” Then, I read your piece and was surprised to see that your book is also a historical. Best wishes with your book!!

  10. Congratulations, Gerri! What a gorgeous cover.

  11. Beautiful cover, and the story is mindful of LadyHawke.

  12. Love the cover, Gerri! Best of luck!

  13. Congrats on your new baby, Gerri. That is one intriguing cover!

  14. Congratulations. Your cover is gorgeous.

  15. Jennifer (JC Page) says:

    Love the story and cover Gerri! Happy you included the excerpt…Oh no Lars is missing! Where is Lars? Now I must find out:) All the best

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