Gerri Bowen and Audrey’s Love is released!


Finally able to get here and share my good news that Audrey’s Love is now released!

Audrey rolls down a hill and back nine hundred years. The Norman knight who claims her must discover who wants her dead.

Blurb for Audrey’s Love

While on a trip to England, Audrey rolls down a hill one summer night and lands in the winter of 1068. She finally accepts the fact she has gone back over nine hundred years to the past, but…why? What is she supposed to accomplish?

Sir Rolf first believes the strangely garbed woman who rolls in front of him is the wife of a rich lord. Then he is convinced she is a Saxon spy. But the Saxons at his holding insist she is Deira, the old lord’s daughter returned to them-except Deira died and was buried ten years ago. After learning the dead daughter was murdered, Rolf knows he must protect Audrey from the murderer, who may strike again.

Audrey and Rolf fight the mutual attraction they feel for the other while trying to discover the reason she was sent back in time.



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8 Responses to Gerri Bowen and Audrey’s Love is released!

  1. Yea, congratulations, Gerri! Don’t you just love new releases??!!

  2. Congrats Gerri and much success!!!! :0)

  3. malanouette says:

    Gerri, great cover. I can’t wait to read it. I wish you many sales.

  4. kittyb78 says:

    Congrats Gerri! 🙂 Happy release Day.

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