First, a brief bio from Robin.

Robin P. Waldrop hails from Miami, but lives in Alabama with best friend, business partner, and husband John. She is a mother, grandmother, and owner of a variety of different animals.

She’s recently stopped work at her family business to pursue her career as a full time writer. Early mornings you can find Robin sitting outside with a cup of coffee, a baggie of dry Fruit Loops, and her laptop. She breathes life into all the wonderful characters that are born from her vivid imagination .

She is an award winning author of the Amazon best selling Blood Moon series. Ties to the Blood Moon is book 1, and Shadow of the Blood Moon is book 2. Book 3 will be released fall of 2012. Robin enjoys writing edgy YA paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Zombie novels, and FBI suspense/thriller novels and short stories. Always a voracious reader with an unapologetic chocolate addiction, Robin still searches for the perfect cup of coffee.

What led you to write your first novel?

I had always loved to read, and did so constantly. A friend shared a book he had gotten from somewhere. I started to read, and it was terrible. I tried several times to get through the first chapter, but couldn’t. It was written that poorly.

I finally got so angry, I flung the book across the room. My husband rushed in and I told him the book was written so bad even I could do better than that. He looked at me with a serious face and said, “Go write a book.” Of course, I fought the urge for a while, but always came back to those four little words.

One Sunday after church, I came home, stared at my computer for about an hour. The next thing I knew, I was sitting at my computer writing my first novel.

Is that novel under your bed?

No. I actually published it prematurely. Back then (when I was a newbie) I thought all I had to do after I wrote the book, was to publish it. I knew nothing about beta readers, plot holes, editing, more editing, even more editing, etc… So, after a few months of it doing nothing, I pulled it for a rewrite. I’m still in the process of that rewrite.

Do you have a particular writing schedule?

Not necessarily. I do get up around five every morning and write for a few hours though. For the remainder of the day, I write off and on.

Do you need quiet to write or can there be distractions?

If you only knew all the distractions in my home … lol. I can write through anything. I don’t have an office, or even a room I can sneak off to. I am forced to write at the bar amidst all the happenings of a busy house. My children (who are all grown now) still joke about how I could tune out the entire world.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what do you listen to?

I don’t always listen to music, but when I do it’s usually songs I talk about in the books I write such as, Maroon 5, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Train, and sometimes even classical music.

Is there any genre that has no interest for you?

I am not interested in porn, soft, hard or otherwise. I’m not saying anything bad about the genre. It’s actually becoming more popular. I, personally have no interest in that genre.

Do you write in the genre you like to read?

Yes, I do. Although, I also like to read legal suspense, and I love anything Stephen King, but I don’t write in those genres.

Who is your favorite author? Or do you have many favorite authors? Are any of them auto—buys?

My favorite is John Grisham. I remember when his first book came out and a friend loaned it to me. Immediately, I was hooked and had to buy every book as soon as it hit Wal-mart shelves. Of course, I have many favorites—too many to list them all. Until I came across the YA/paranormal fantasy genre, all I read were suspense/thriller novels. Now, not so much.

In books, do you have any favorite series?

I don’t know if you can classify Catherine Coulter’s detective novels as a series, but I do love them. I also love Amanda Hocking. She has a few different series out.

In terms of your publishing, do you have a goal for this year? Next year? Five years from now?

Yes I do. This year I have two more books I’d like to see published—book 3 of the Blood Moon series, and book 1 of my new Zombie series. Next year my goal is to publish at least three books. In five years I hope to see myself up there with authors like Catherine Coulter, or Amanda Hocking. I might even explore traditional publishing in a few years. I’m kind of still up in the air about that one though.

Do you like to travel? Have you traveled outside of your country?

I LOVE to travel, but unfortunately, I have not been anywhere out of the country … yet. Hopefully, if my novels continue doing well, I will travel to Europe. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy. It’s where my father’s family migrated from. I would also love to visit Australia.

Is there a favorite place you like to return to?

My family travels to the beach every summer, but only for one week. I would love to go spend a month at the beach. I feel so motivated to write when I’m there.

How do you relax?

A cup of coffee and a good novel—the perfect ending to any day.

Do you have a favorite TV show?

YES! Vampire Diaries. My dear friend and internet buddy, Kristin Aragon, talked me into ordering the first season on disc. I quickly became hooked. Now I can’t get enough of it.

Do you have any pets? If so, any funny stories you’d like to share?

Living in the country, we have had all kinds of animals. The most peculiar was an Emu named Emily. She wandered up one day and never left. We live next to a hundred acre farm, so that’s where she stayed. She came to the fence everyday to eat. One day, my oldest daughter and I were cleaning off the fence line, and I guess Emily was ready to eat. My daughter bent down next to the fence and Emily reached over and took a few pecks of her forehead. Needless to say, from then on, when Emily walked up, we fed her.

Children at home? If so, how do they like the fact that you’re an author? Any funny stories you’d like to relate?

My youngest daughter and her baby still live at home. Plus one of my grandsons is here more than he is with his mom. I think at first my children thought it was just a passing faze, but two years later, they see mom is serious. There have been several times where they have gotten angry with me, because I wouldn’t just stop writing to do a particular activity with them. they have even become angry at times, when I’ve refused to stop writing just to entertain them. I put my life on hold for twenty five years. I’ve raised my children to the best of my ability, now it’s time for me to do what makes ME happy.

Do you like to self-promote yourself and your books?

Do I like it? No. Do I think it’s necessary? Very much so. When you’re an un-agented indie author, it’s your responsibility to make the world aware of your work. Of course your writing has to be good, but public relations, marketing, and promoting are a very big part of it. You could be the best author in the world, but if no one knows you exist they will never read your work. I would love nothing more than to write full time. Unfortunately, until I start making enough money to hire someone to do that part of it for me, I am forced to wear ALL the hats of the writing business.

What do you think of all the social media connections such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.?

I love them. I have met some wonderful people, and made many dear friends through these social networks.

Do you belong to any of the above?

Yes. I belong to all of those, plus Authors Den, Pinterest, Text novel, Kindle Boards… there are just too many to list them all.

Is there a review you’ve received from a stranger that made you smile and air pump and shout YES!!!! Would you care to share a sentence or two of that review? If so, please leave a link for us to go back and read the entire review.

Yes. Well, she was a stranger at the time and one of the very first reviews if not the first. Her name is Jackie McPherson and she wrote the review November 17, 2011.

The bad guys are manipulative & scary & sometimes its hard to tell who’s on their side! I love the action, mystery, & surprises, as well as the growing bonds between characters! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

How can readers connect with you to tell you they love your book?

Twitter: @Robinpwaldrop


Genevieve Labreck is back with a score to settle. Her mom has been kidnapped by Zane, hybrid and all-around monster.  Rumors fly that Gen’s mom is holed away in Prague, a city recognized by humans for its serene beauty and intense culture, but Gen and Will know something humans don’t. Prague is haunted by dark, evil forces.

Can Genevieve and William save her mom, or will they be too late?

Some will live, others will fall. At what price do you walk away from those you love?

This is a Young Adult paranormal urban fantasy romance with mild language and mild sexual situations recommended for readers in grade 9 and up

Would you like to tell us about the excerpt you’re about to share?

This is a scene with Genevieve and Joseph. She has realized she has real feelings for him (something many of my fans on team Joseph have been waiting for).

“Shh,” Joseph cut me off, pressing his finger to my lips. “I’ve never felt a bond like this with anyone. Not even Luna. I know you did what you did out of desperation to save your best friend’s brother.” His voice grew soft and the gentle way he talked to me eased my fear. “I’m learning to come to terms with what I am now. And I want you to know I don’t hate you. Not then. Not now. Not ever.” He opened his mouth then closed it again like he struggled to say something. Instead, he sighed heavily and dropped his gaze. He sat quietly and fidgeted with a piece of loose thread on his jeans.

“Joseph,” I whispered and waited for him to look at me. When he failed to, I reached out, taking his chin in my fingers and turned his face toward me. He still averted my eyes, but I didn’t give up. “Joseph. Please look at me.” After a few moments, he slowly raised his eyes until they met mine. “I didn’t just save you because you’re ‘my best friend’s brother’.” I spoke in soft tones. “I did it because …,” I trailed off.

He edged closer to me. “Because why, Genevieve? Why didn’t you let me die?” He stared at me intently. His amber eyes glistened in the light, like tears might be forming and my stomach did flips.

“I really care a great deal for you. When you sang to me on the plane, I felt something. I don’t know what it means, but I do know my life wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t around.”

I turned my head and pretended to look at something through the windshield. From the corner of my eye I saw him lean toward me. My body trembled when I felt the warmth of his breath on my ear.

“My heart belongs to you, Genevieve. The way it has since I first met you. The way it always will.” I felt his blood heat up and rush through his veins when his fingertips grazed my cheek.

A wonderful heat surged through me and I wanted to turn my head so that our lips would collide in a passionate kiss. Then, I thought about William. Kissing Joseph might mean the end for William and me. Before all this happened my heart felt as if it had always belonged to William. Like we were somehow destined to be together. But, now I had doubts. Spending this time with Joseph made me do some soul searching. My heart yearned for them both. It divided right down the middle. Half belonging to William and the other to Joseph.

Links to buy:


Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, Robin. Continued good reviews for your books!

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  1. Robin P Waldrop says:

    Hi Gerri, just wanted to say thanks for being such a gracious host. I Ppreciate all you have done.

    Be blessed

  2. Great interview ladies. Robin, your books sound intriguing, and it’s comforting to know that others are embarking on writing careers later on in life. It’s never too late to pursue a dream. :0)

  3. ….coffee, coffee, more coffee….me too. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are fortunate to have some of the best–you should try it some time. Loved the interview! The part you wrote about self-promoting–oh, I can certainly agree with you there! Some days I barely stir out of this chair, what with all the self-promoting (hi…) I have to do. Yep, I’d get an agent for all that too, if I could afford it.

    Loved the emu story!

  4. Hi, Gerri! Nice to meet you, Robin. I’m an animal lover, so the emu story is great. Congratulations on your series. Now, I’ll have to get the first one and catch up – that’s one of the things I love about series 🙂

  5. Gerri Bowen says:

    It was very nice to have you as a guest, Robin. I hope you can return for book three in your series. 🙂

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