MARIAN LANOUETTE is my guest today, September 18, 2012.

Marian Lanouette is my guest today. She is the author of, IF I FAIL, A Jake Carrington Mystery. Her second book in that series is, BURN IN HELL, A Jake Carrington Mystery, which will be out in January 2013.

Please welcome Marian.

What led you to write your first novel, Marian?

I’ve written my whole life, but took it seriously when I was laid-off from my job in the mortgage industry.

Is that novel under your bed?

No, it’s a brand new story

Do you have a particular writing schedule?

I write every morning after my walk.

Is there a routine you follow when you write?

Yes. I review the previous day’s work, make corrections or revisions and then I continue with the story.

Do you need quiet to write or can there be distractions?

I like quiet.

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what do you listen to?

No, but I do listen to music when I edit. I like Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Barbara.

What do you like to read?

I love mysteries.

Is there any genre that has no interest for you?

No, I read everything. It depends on my mood.

Do you write in the genre you like to read?


Who is your favorite author? Or do you have many favorite authors? Are any of them auto—buys?

I love JD Robb, Karin Slaughter and Richard Castle. I have many more too and yes, they are on auto buy. I want to be the first one to read them.

What is it about the authors that you like?

I like the writing style and the way they weave a story. Their characters are so alive.

What kind of stories appeal to you?

Murder mysteries and I love autobiographies.

What kind of stories, if any, do you dislike?

I don’t read any story that details abuse of women or children.

In books, do you have any favorite series?

In Death Series, by JD Robb is my favorite.

In terms of your publishing, do you have a goal for this year? Next year? Five years from now?

I have my second book in the series Burn in Hell, A Jake Carrington Mystery coming out in January 2013 and I hope to find a publisher for the third book in the series/ I hope that will be published in the Spring of 2013. In five years, I hope to on the NYT bestsellers list or actually sooner than that.

Do you like to travel? Have you traveled outside of your country?

I love to travel but haven’t in quite a while. I’ve been to Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean.

Is there a favorite place you like to return to?

All the above

How do you relax?

I read to relax and spend time with my husband.

Do you have a favorite time of the year?

My favorite time of the year is spring when everything comes back to life.

A favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite holiday is Christmas, because I’m just a big kid.

Do you have a favorite TV show?

I love Fringe, Bones and the Mentalist., and for comedy, the Big Bang Theory.

Do you like to self-promote yourself and your books?

It’s not my favorite part of writing but I understand the need and go at it with gusto.

What do you think of all the social media connections such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.?

In the last year I’ve finally joined Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been a member of Goodreads for a while. They are all a necessary evil to promoting oneself.

Is there a review you’ve received from a stranger that made you smile and air pump and shout YES!!!! Would you care to share a sentence or two of that review? If so, please leave a link for us to go back and read the entire review.

I have received four five star reviews from readers since the book released last Friday. Here is a line from one.



for a debut novel, this was right on. I thought I had it figured out from the beginning, but it turned out that I was being led down the primrose path! ms. Marian is clever with her pen and I had a number of laugh out loud moments

I love this cover!

How can readers connect with you to tell you they love your book?

They can connect on my website at or by email at or Facebook:

Or Twitter:

Author page at Amazon:

Would you like to tell us about the excerpt you’re about to share?

It is the opening scene to If I Fail. And it gives us a little insight into Jake’s personality.


On days like this, Jake questioned if there was a God. He held the broken, lifeless body of the infant girl in his arms, tears running down his face. He didn’t try to hide them. Jake’s emotions reflected in the eyes of everyone. His partner Louie turned away and kicked the chair. Jake knew this horror would live with each of them for the rest of their lives.

Keith Amara, the morgue assistant, tapped Jake on the shoulder.

“I’ll take her.”

“She didn’t have a chance.” Jake handed her to Keith.

“No, she didn’t.”

He lay the child on the stretcher with such care that Jake’s respect for Keith increased immensely. Jake reached down and pulled the sheet up over the baby to conceal her from the morbid crowd that waited in the street below. He never understood the fascination of the onlookers at each crime scene. He believed they hoped to view the body so they could talk about the gruesome details, get their fifteen minutes of fame. Some would offer up a silent prayer of thanks to God for the safety of their children. Tragedy, even the tragedy of a stranger, affected people—it reaffirmed their zest for life, even here in the slums.

Jake composed himself. Turning to face the suspect, he fisted his hands at his side to contain his fury. The line of the law could be blurred here, Jake understood. Each officer wanted a piece of the creep. Knowing he had to keep a tight rein over the situation, Jake held his voice level when he spoke to Washington. He saw no humanity in the suspect; his act alone proved Washington had none. Looking into Washington’s eyes he observed they were dead, like the child he’d killed. He wore a dirty, wrinkled cotton T-shirt with stained jeans. The front of the jeans showed a large, wet patch where Washington pissed himself. The only thing this creep cared about was his next fix.

Jake walked to the body, reached down and uncovered it, and forced himself to look at the baby again. Her head, crushed in on the left side, reminded Jake of a broken hardboiled egg. He could estimate the amount of force that was required to cause such a wound, yet the baby didn’t die immediately. She had lain there suffering until one of the older children snuck out of the apartment and got a neighbor to call the police.

Now he stood in the doorway of the living room watching the police process the room. A child, who knew how to stay out of an adult’s way. Jake guessed his age at nine, though his eyes were those of an old man. They reflected life on the street. No child’s eyes should hold such darkness. He understood the pain on the boy’s face, because every day of his life he dealt with the violent death of his own sister at the age of fifteen. It haunted him, invading his thoughts and dreams at unexpected times.

Could he have done something to prevent it?


Marian born and raised in Brooklyn, New York is the seventh child of ten. At the age of sixteen her family moved from New York to New England. As a typical teenager, she felt her life was ruined and took to journalizing her feeling and this new life. The journal helped her realize how easily she had adapted to the change. Although, she did miss her cherished friends terribly; she’s thankful, they are still friends today. The four of them refer to each other as the cradle to the grave friends.

Unbeknown to her parents, at the age of five she started reading the New York Daily News story about the murdered nurses in Chicago and the investigation. Marian followed the story every day as authorities rushed to solve the brutal crime. It had caught her attention and her imagination. To this day she stills checks her closet before going to sleep. Marian thinks it was on that day the mystery lover was created.

At the age of eight she wrote every day, whether it be a poem, a short story or in her journal. An eighth grade assignment got her published. Though she failed the assignment, the nun was impressed with her poem. It was supposed to be a four line poem, but she couldn’t still her pen. The Beach was her first official published work is still her favorite though much longer than four lines. It was the nun who submitted the poem for her to the local paper. Thus, the writer was born.

Marian’s first book If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery will be released on September 7, 2012; and will be followed up in January 2013 with the second book in the series, Burn in Hell, A Jake Carrington Mystery. Each book’s a mystery with romantic elements, because to quote Marian, “Life is both mysterious and romantic.”

Marian resides in New England with her husband.

Purchase links:


MuseItUp Publishing:

Thank you, Marian. I have not yet read If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery, but it is on my wish list.

Thank you for being here today, and good luck with your series! I think you have a winner.

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15 Responses to MARIAN LANOUETTE is my guest today, September 18, 2012.

  1. Mae Clair says:

    Great interview and I’m definitely intrigued by IF I FAIL and the series. Awesome cover! Wishing you loads of success, Marian!

  2. Hi Marian,
    Fun interview. I loved If I Fail and can’t wait for Burn in Hell to come out!

  3. malanouette says:

    Thank you, Gerri. As I am waiting on your next book also.

  4. Wendy says:

    Insightful interveiw, Gerri and Marian. A great opening to your novel, Marian. I notice you don’t like to read books with child abuse but you certainly brought tears to my eyes when you wrote about it here. Good luck with your novel. I love the cover, and your profile pic is gorgeous.

    • malanouette says:

      Thank you so much, Wendy. Funny, you brought me some insight. I never thought of the opening in that way because it is such a short part of the book. And the In Death Series deals with it in a back door kind of way. Learn something every day. Thanks.

  5. Great interview, ladies! Love the cover and the blurb.

  6. good interview, ladies.loved the excerpt as well. and what a gorgeous pic.

  7. Gerri Bowen says:

    It was wonderful having Marian as my guest. I hope she’ll return when her second novel is out. 🙂

  8. Gerri Bowen says:

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment, Mae, Gerri, Wendy, Sara and Louise!

  9. You have some genuinely beneficial information composed here. Good job and keep posting good stuff.

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