Happy Birthday To Me – I’m 206!

A nod to Monty Python for the ‘I’m 206’. Obviously I am not 206, but that line always cracks me up, and I love exaggeration.

My birthday fell over a weekend, so that gave me plenty of time to reply to the 10,000 birthday wishes on Facebook. Yes, another exaggeration. I was occupied for hours. Exaggeration?

I know that there are some who might read this and frown, and go but…but…but…, because some people don’t like exaggeration. Or surprises. I used to be one of those people.

I remember when I saw High Plains Drifter for the first time.  A Clint Eastwood cowboy movie.  That’s what I was prepared to watch. After a while, it became evident that he was a ghost. A ghost out for vengeance, returning to the town that had let him die. But…but…but… It’s a cowboy movie! A Western! It’s not supposed to be like that!

I have since learned that cowboys can be ghosts in movies, and that I enjoy surprises like that. Plot twists and turns. And exaggeration.

No writing was done by me that day, other than 50,000 thank you! I didn’t mind. No cake either, but I can’t eat wheat so I wasn’t disappointed. Give me some dark chocolate and I’m happy.

Since the day was hot, that afternoon I went in the pool with my twin grandchildren. I’m not sure if the term used for young hyenas is pup or cub, but at 6 1/2 years, they sometimes act like little hyenas. Then they turn around and laugh and play nicely for a few minutes before they try to kill one another again. It was fun and refreshing for all.

As anyone knows who has gone swimming and remains in the water, after a very short time your body sends you a message that your bladder is full. You know it can’t be true, because you made sure you took care of that before you entered the water. But there it is. You have to go. I know there is a physiological explanation for that, but as I bobbed around in the pool, my writer’s mind came up with another explanation.

If you are in a river, sea or ocean, and let nature take its course with the full bladder thing, you are scenting the water. All sorts of information about you is now scenting the water. Why would you scent? Why would you want to scent? To let others of your kind know where you are of course! Ha! I had come up with another creature to write about. Mermaid? Maybe. Maybe not. Certainly a human-like creature who is comfortable in the water. Warm water though. Cold water requires too much padding to keep a human from freezing. I suppose I could change that since this is my creature creation, and have them shift from sea creatures to human form, but I like the idea that they are more human-like than fish-like. They’re comfortable living in the sea.  And they can detect scents! There’s more, my brain was on a roll, but I’ll save the little twists and turns, the but…but…but… for a story.

It was a very nice birthday. I plan to be 206 again next year.

I took pictures. The empty pool. Most of the pool stuff is out and put away until next time.

Daughter, grandson and son-in-law.

Grandson standing. Granddaughter hiding under the pink towel.


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8 Responses to Happy Birthday To Me – I’m 206!

  1. Happy Birthday! And great pictures.

  2. Cera duBois says:

    LOL! Happy Birthday, Gerri!

    Great pictures… You need one of those on a day like today.

  3. Coleen Kwan says:

    Oh, I need a pool like that. Happy birthday!

  4. story of my life – I’m late to the party. Sounds like your birthday was a good one. And 206 is a good age. I had to stop being 29 and then 39 because my darned kids passed those ages. Sheesh – they have their nerve. time with grandbabies is good – even when they’re hyenas. LOL

    • Gerri Bowen says:

      After I passed 200 I realized taking it easy is best. The little hyenas don’t bother me as much when I have that frame of mind.
      Thank you for stopping by, Louise.

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